Chassis Setup Guide For Novices

Quick Chassis Setup Guide For Novices Here is a quick-guide for the novice karter learning how to adjust his/her chassis. As ever, it is important to remember that technical articles represent the opinions of the author, and that these submissions … Read More

Kart Safety Checklist

<> Kart Safety Checklist¬†¬† Starting from front to back Brake rod clevis pin at pedal cotter pin Front wheel nuts tight Front spindle castle nut cotter pin Steering arm / tie rod bolt(s) cotter pin Front brakes caliper bolts safety … Read More

How to Mount Tires

Technical how-to’s: Mounting tires Bernie Adamson Woodbridge Kart Club Anyone who ever tried to mount a tire on a one-piece wheel rim will be able to confirm that this can be a daunting task. Getting the stiff rubber of the … Read More

Road Racing the Yamaha KT-100

Road Racing the Yamaha KT-100 by Mark Clevenger, C-C & Sons Racing So many racers dream of finding the illusive When these elements are all working together, your engine will not only run like a speeding bullet; it will run … Read More