CIK LO206 Team Race added to Shenandoah race Friday, April 15

SUMMIT POINT, W. Va. — A special CIK LO206 Team Race will be offered at our season opener at Summit Point’s Shenandoah Circuit! The race will be held at the end of the day Friday, April 15. WKC has a long history of hosting team races and we hope the latest edition attracts some interest. Information and rules below:

WKC Team Race Rules • Team Race Event

Summit Point Shenandoah Circuit; Friday, April 15

  • Class – CIK LO206. Other classes can be considered in addition if there are sufficient participants.
  • Each team will be a kart and two drivers
  • 30-minute race at the end of the schedule
  • Pit opens at 10 minutes
  • Pit closes at 20 minutes
  • Engine will be stopped during driver exchange. Exiting driver needs to restart the kart
  • Weight – kart will be weighed at the end of the race with each of a team’s two drivers individually. Minimum total weight of the two drivers and kart will be 375 lbs. times 2 or 750 lbs.
  • Entry fee will be $100, payable at the track.
  • If there are 10 or more karts entered, there will be a sponsored award of $200 for first place, $100 for second place, and $50 for third place.