Final 2023 WKC Road Racing Series Points Posted

SUMMIT POINT, W. Va. — Final point standings for the 2023 Woodbridge Kart Club Road Racing Series are posted.

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Standings include the four WKC-hosted events (NCCAR, two Summit Point Shenandoah and Summit Point Main) and Dart Kart Club-hosted races at Mid-Ohio in June and Pittsburgh International in September.

To be eligible for awards, a driver must have raced in a minimum 7 of the 12 races offered between the six events (two races per weekend) and must have been a WKC member by June 1, 2023.

If you have a question on the points, please email WKC points coordinator Don Johnson at to request a review.

Congratulations to 2023 WKC champions!

Cadet – Lucas Morgan
Junior CIK 206 – Peyton Worm
Junior CIK TaG 100 – Shane Smith
CIK 206 Lite – Jon Miller
CIK 206 Heavy – Tony Worm
CIK TaG 100 – Ryan Miller
CIK TaG 125 Lite – Jalen Dhanoolal
CIK TaG 125 Medium – Sebastian Bushey
CIK TaG 125 Heavy – Robert Wimmer
Unlimited – Robert Wimmer
CIK TaG IAME – Indy Kassy
Shifter 125 – Pascual Torres
Shifter Stock Honda 385 – Pascual Torres
Sprint 4-Cycle 390 – Hank Hefner
Enduro Controlled – Joe Thomas
Enduro Yamaha – Simon Whitnell