Important Information for May 22-23 Summit Point WKC / AKRA Nationals

*** Attention ALL Racers/Participants ***

Welcome to Summit Point Motorsports Park!

Thank you for attending the May WKC / AKRA National Event featuring the Animal Nationals!

Here is what you need to know when you arrive at the track:

• We can’t get into the track until 6pm Friday night.

• If you arrive before that, you will be directed to a fenced area to the right of the gate to await paddock entry

• WKC club members will be there selling pit passes/wristbands

• When we are permitted entry, the first people in will be the WKC setup crew and WKC sponsors.

• Entry to the paddock is over a bridge – the weight limit on the bridge is 5 tons per axle – if your vehicle exceeds that, please contact one of the WKC or SPR crew to arrange alternate access to the paddock

• When you get to the paddock, please respect the areas marked off for WKC sponsors (All ANIMAL Racers are encouraged to park in the lot immediately off to the right as soon as you enter the paddock where Jonathan Tedder has arranged to have roped off specifically for those who are attending the Animal Nationals)

• After we are permitted entry to the track, pit pass sales will be at the stop sign before the bridge until 10pm

• SPR has a 24-hour gate – you can get in all night long. After 10 pm, you will be asked to sign a WKC document, certifying that you will come to registration or pit pass sales to get a pit pass before the track goes hot Saturday morning.

• Pit pass sales will open in registration and at the stop sign before the bridge at 6:30am Saturday – Pit Pass sales at the track will be CASH OR CHECK ONLY (SPR does have and ATM located at the main gate)

• If you come in after 10 pm, please be respectful of those already camping in the paddock and keep your lights and noise to a minimum as you settle in.

• Registration will be open from 7pm to 9pm Friday night. It will open again Saturday morning at 6:30am. Note that you can enter a race on our RaceDay app at any point, up until the start of a race, without going into registration at all! (we do ask that you please plan accordingly and pre-register at least an hour before the intended race group for smoother and easier grid entry)

• Pre-race tech is located at the Sanders and Gaynor pit areas and will be open 6:30-9 Friday night and open 6:30 Saturday morning. Pre-tech will also be available at the Animal National Parking Area where it will be done by Jonathan Tedder and Roger Kent

• Saturday Drivers Meeting at 7:30am both mornings

• First practice begins at 8am Saturday

• SPR Track Rules: no engines 7 pm to 7 am

• SPR Track Rules: pets on leash only

• Link to SPR Rules & regulations can be found here:

• Online entry fees will raise to the at-track price level starting on Monday and online pit-pass sales will end Wednesday night, get those Pre-entries in by the weekend to take full advantage of the early-bird price level!

• Pre-registration and pit passes can be purchased on the Woodbridge Kart Club web page:

Click here for the updated weekend schedule.