Written by Administrator
Sunday, January 13 2008 08:31
The following are the meeting notes of December 1, 2007 Board of Directors All Day meeting for the 2008 season.

Trophies and Awards
  • Motion / Arthur: Discontinue year end award certificates. Failed
  • Motion / Tom: For 2007 season, give redeemable award certificates for $50 for first place only. Carried

2007 Year End: Stacy and Lynne to co-ordinate trophy order and Rodney to return to Board with numbers. Arthur to give Rodney sponsor list.
2008 Awards: Rodney to bring proposal to Board for 08 trophies including costs for 1-3 and 1-5

  • Motion / Dave: Do not specify Shenandoah Circuit on trophies to aid in recycling. Carried
Banquet Committee

Arthur will contact Kate Shaw with pig roast and tent/table/chair rental information. Rodney volunteered for committee.

  • Ticket sales: $10 for adults and $5 for children 12 and under. $500 allowed for door prizes.
Track Schedule

VIR offering Easter weekend which conflicts with Kershaw one weekend prior and SPR one weekend following or Martinsville weekend (all hotels already booked).  These dates were declined.

Membership and Sponsorship
  • Membership increase to $50. Juniors 17 and under are free as an associate member without voting privileges under a master member.
  • Sponsorship at $500.
Entry Fees
  • Motion / Arthur: Reg 80/90, 20 min 60/70, Practice 70/90, 3rd 60/60. Failed
  • Motion/ Bob: Race Entry 75/90, 20 min 60/70, Practice 70/90, 3rd 60/60. Carried
  • Motion Bob/Tom: Change pit pass free for 6 and under to free 7 and under. Carried
  • Motion: All racers must be member of WKC or associated clubs (WKA, Dart Kart Club, Southern Kart Club, New Hampshire Kart Club) to race with weekend membership available at $15 per weekend. Carried
Track Procedures

  •  Motion Tom/Bob: Select one class at random at the morning drivers