Woodbridge Kart Club
Monthly Board of Directors Meetings
Karen McCollum, Secretary

Date: January 8, 2008

Bill Kassy called the meeting to order at 7:40 pm via telephone conference.

Board Members Present                                                  Absent
Bill Kassy
Phil Reuter
Karen McCollum
Tom Conlon
Arthur McKenny
Dave Brillhart
Bob Lilley
Duane Eberhart
Rodney Smith
Jessie James
Treasurer Treasurer: Don Warren
Members may contact the Treasurer directly for financial information.
A check was received from WKA for returned pit passes, the Scholarship fund received $2,000 in donations, and Summit Point acknowledged the $2,000 credit.
Don Warren will begin training Rodeny Smith to take over the treasurer duties for 2008 season.
Awards & trophies Committee Committee Chair:  Stacy Smith
Stacy and Rodney will contact Lynne Gilder next week to place final awards order and to establish a cost structure for the ’08 season
Swap Meet Committee Chair: Dave Brillhart
Dave will send Board insurance information from Ruritan group as soon as it is received.
Banquet Committee Co-chairs: Kate Shrbine, Arthur McKenny, Rodney Smith
Rodney received estimates for tent, table and chair rental – rough estimate is $2,000.  THe committee will set up a conference by next week.
Membership Committee Committee Chair: Jeff Troup
Membership forms were updated and mailed the last week of December.
Publicity & Advertising Committee Chair: Phil Reuter
Phil accepted position as publicity contact.
Rodney Smith called local stations and newspapers for Summit Raceway area; Bob Lilley did same for NJMP area.
Bill Kassy will hand out and display brochures at Allsports Grand Prix.
Rodney Smith to check on banners in trailer for Atlantic City kiosk and Novice School.
Brochures are available on the website for member distribution.
Safety Committee Chair: Tom Conlon
Full width bumpers:  WKC will require full width bumpers for all classes by third race weekend with exemption for Vintage karts.  Bumper must cover on ehalf of rear wheels.  Bill and Tom to come up with verbiage and diagram.
Sponsorship Committee Chair: Arthur McKenny
New form is available on line via website.  First deposit was received and Arthur will begin calling for renewals next week.
Racing Committee Chair: Bill Kassy
Will address surveys during Old Business.
Set-Up Committee Committee Chair: Rodney Smith
Greg Heberle will take over initial set up at the track.  Bob Lilley and Arthur McKenny will take care of roping off sponsor areas.
Track Relations Track Liason: Arthur McKenny
NJMP contract arrived.  They are asking for an additional deposit, but have lowered the fees for Friday.
Motion to sign – carried unanimous.
Arthur will provide details on camping, electric, etc once final details are worked out.
Old Business
Daily Schedule Arthur McKenny sent race gruop proposals to the Board.  See attached.  Daily schedules, minus National, will be completed tomorrow and posted on website by Karen McCollum.
WKA Schedule @ Summit Arthur McKenny sent proposal schedule to Board.  See attached.  Waiting on response from WKA for Sunday rotation.
New Database Rodney Smith, Karen McCollum, and Scott Dixon are meeting Saturday, January 12, 2008.  Detials of meeting will be sent to Board.
Tech Bodywork Tools Tom Conlon is donating materials and Duane Eberhart will build jig to measure bodywork for each event.
Labor Ed Shampine has agreed to assist in tech.  His responsibilities will include fuel testing and bodywork inspection.
Member Survey Jessie James will have draft prepared for Board beginning of week to have ready for the Swap Meet for rain racing pending insurance approval.
Give Aways for National Tom Conlon is donating funds for wrist bands as give away item for pre-registration for the national at Summit Point.
NJMP Bob Lilley, PHil Reuter, Duane Eberhart, Arthur McKenny
Need further information from NJMP then will present and discuss

  • Budget for Promotions/Advertising/Sponsorship
  • What can be offered to sponsors from NJMSP
Spec Fuel Bill Kassy
Propose alignment of WKC oils with WKA approved oils.  Approved.
Handbook Mark up of handbook will take place during trip to NJMP.  Need classes from Arthur McKenny.
Affiliate Club Member Info Kare McCollum to co-ordinate wtih other clubs on membership lists for registration.
Novice School Bill Kassy to check with Lin Toland for procedures outline.
Tom Conlon to create outline for day’s schedule.
Volunteers are needed for assistance and karts for display.  Karen McCollum to put notice on website.

The next meeting will be held in February at NJMP.