Minutes from Board Meeting 19 January 2009

The meeting convened at approximately 8pm with all board members present except Fisher, Lilley, and Reuter.

The first discussion covered the trophies. Critchett has found several manufacturers of acrylic trophies and provided web links to all board members. After much discussion it was voted on and passed that Championship classes will have trophies of 1st through 3rd available and that a generic 4th place and 5th place trophy will be available for those that request it.  It was also voted on that Critchett/Smith will contact Elite Trophies and give them a best
and final chance to either beat or match the existing pricing including shipping. It was noted that Elite engraving had been providing fun finale trophies at no cost to the club, and that they can operate on a short time frame. One of the other bidders had a 4 week lead time for ordering. Critchett/Smith will present the results of this search to the board, knowing that a drop dead date for ordering is no later than 10 February 2009 to ensure no additional labor or shipping costs.
Need to put an entry in the Profit and Loss statement for Friday practices. – Action to Smith to see if it can be done.
Still need to do 1099s. – Smith to send out 1099s to workers the week of 19 January.
Karen McCollum is to contact the VIR and notify them that we would like all the available garages and suites for our WKA event. Following the meeting, Kassy notified them of this decision and they responded that 8 of the suite/garage combo’s will not be available because of a “CAMP MOTORSPORTS” occurring the same week-end. Kassy to work with WKA and VIR to ensure that our insurance policy is not compromised by having “CAMP MOTORSPORTS” during our event in our secure pit area.

NJMP exhibition race in March or April. Clark Sr. will coordinate with Reuter, Lilley,WKA, and NJMP to ensure that we have a time slot where we can run several types of karts. The date is 31 March 2009.

Reuter joined the meeting at this point. For the banquet it was decided by vote that the entry fees will be $5 per child under 16 and $10 adults. It was also decided to open the tent up for a swap meet on that Saturday as well. We also need a microphone and additional heaters for the event.
We also discussed the WKA rules for 5/16” studs on all wheels for all karts and the sprint enduro bumper rule. Following the meeting, Kassy contacted WKA and was told that all karts must have 5/16” studs and the sprint bumper rule by our first WKC race in Mid- March. Kassy also determined that for vintage karts, twin engine karts must have 5/16” studs for the wheels, and single engine karts can use ¼” studs.

It was also discussed and approved that the club would purchase 275 T-Shirts this year.

Following this discussion the board discussed some on-going personnel matters.

The meeting adjourned at 10pm.

Bill Kassy
WKC Secretary