2011 Shenandoah Track Members Meeting

Called to order by President Rodney Smith at 1600 hrs with more than 20 members present and several non-members.

Rodney discussed the 2012 BoD Nomination Form. This is a self nomination that the member must submit. The form must be received by day’s end on Dec 31st. Ballots will be available for election starting on January 15th and will remain open until 10:00 a.m. on the morning of the swap meet in February. Voting will be available via the WKC website and email, no postal carrier mailings will be sent.

A proposal for the Scholarship fund Raising for 2012 was discussed. A month long lottery using a states pick 3 numbers was suggested. The scholarship committee is asking that each member sell 5 sheets of numbers at $10 per sheet. This will raise approximately $8500. Winning numbers will pay $100 per day. This is projected to start at the swap meet and numbers or monies will need to be turned in at the June Summit Race 2012. The WKC lottery will last the month of August.

The following is the proposed 2012 Summit Point availability dates:


  1. SPR Shen Apr 21 or May 5th
  2. SPR Main May 12th (Mothers Day), may have to forfeit for the Sept 8 date June 23rd may switch because of Hyperfest
  3. SPR Main Sept 8th
  4. SPR Main Oct 13/14


* Possible Date for NJMP last 2 weekends of APR at a reduced rate of $8000 per day
** Not sure that we will be sharing any dates other than talking with John Heckman and he states he is with us. However, because of a Pocono event he may not be able to attend the April race but will consider
*** for Shen Apr or May race we can have a half day practice and a half day test and tune at 1⁄2 price

– Look at running counterclockwise and possible bowl area

The 2012 Club championship’s and club class trophies was discussed. The possibility of requesting a trophy at one race and made available at the next was discussed. During the 2011 season a major loss in revenue was obtained due to trophies. Discussed the possibility of saving some money on monthly races and add it to the end year championship and have better awards provided, i.e. driver suits, helmets etc.

Non-members were asked to be excused from the meeting so that the Treasurer Report could be given with up-to-date Profit & Loss.

WKC President