Members Meeting (held at swap meet)

February 2011

– Meeting called to order at 11:35 a.m.

– Opening comments – Rodney

Rodney reminded the membership that information will be shared on our website

– Treasure Report

There has been no change, nothing has been changed with the money market

The floor was opened for anyone wishing to volunteer to be the Treasure – See Rodney

– Introduction of 2011 BoD members

Dave Brillhart, Dick Cloney, Clark Gaynor, Phil Reuter, Scott Sanders, Scott Sigafoos, Jeff Troup, Bob Burkett, Greg Heberle, Rodney Smith

– 2011 Racing Season and BSFCS Shared events

March 26 – 27 NJMP thunderbolt

Rodney spoke on the changes and tribulations dealing with NJ

April 16-17 SPR Shen

June 25-26 SPR Main

Had looked at double points but unable to do so due to sharing track with formula series


Sept 23-25 NJMP Lightning

Oct 15-16 SPR Shen

– 2011 Contracts

Information given on amounts, on-going discussions and items to think about for 2012 race season

– 2011 Classes and Awards positions

Changes and additions will be published for all to see

– Starting Grid Positions

Positions 1, 2, and 3 will be determined by previous year points finish

WKA Races will be done via 2010 WKA Points only

– 2011 Points structure

WKC has changed the points structure to be more in-line with WKA

New Orbitz Software will be utilized

A bonus of 25 points for attending all WKC races was discussed

Dropping of 1 race per year discussed

Rain points was discussed

MOTION – Rodney made a motion to accept the proposed 2011 points with 210 points awarded for rained out races and 1 dropped race per year. Tom Seconded. Passed unanimously.

Decoder Issue – WKC purchased a new one over the winter. Looked into several options with old one but got a better deal by trading in old one and purchasing new one. Software was upgraded with this purchase as well. Discussed the purchase of a second decoder as a spare in the future.

– Memberships – How many????

Currently there are ~100 memberships. This is down approximately 90-100 from this time last year.

– Sponsorships – How many???

Currently there are 15 and these are down 10 from last year at this time.

– License Committee

Procedures – Scott Sigafoos handles the licensing. He will issue the appropriate licenses and if he is unable to determine a license request, he will seek advice from the Board.

Discussion of what happens at the track. Licensing needs to be accomplished prior to registration. Racers not licensed for requested races will not be approved at registration.

– Drivers handbook

Looking for a publication volunteer for next year. Steve Young will ask wife.

– Banquet info

The banquet will be at the Officers Club at New Jersey. More details to follow.

– Driver Safety Committee

Rodney introduced a recommendation of a drivers committee. More on this to come.

– NJMP policy

Track admittance time

3 crew rule

Possible sharing with motorcycle MSF (pit area and Class room)

Minors must get their Resume and Birth Certificate in 1 week prior to the event

ALS or BLS – A discussion on the addition of a second ambulance at NJ ensued. Both pro and con aspects were discussed. Rodney mad a motion to add a second ambulance at NJ and that it be staffed with ALS providers. Seconded by Scott Sigafoos. Passed unanimously.

– 2011 Helmet Requirement

Any helmet with a Snell 2000 or earlier is required to be placed and taken out of service prior to racing this year. Per WKA, there will be NO leniency.

– Registration for 1st Race

Registration for the NJ race in March will open mid-night Sunday, 27 February 2011.

– By Law Changes

The last update was 2005

Proposed changes were discussed and questions allowed to asked.

Don requested that the person accepting the position of President have at least 2 years experience on the Board or at least 1 year as a WKC officer with in the last 8 years.

Rodney made a motion to accept the proposed changes with the accepted change by Don. Seconded by Tom. Passed unanimously.

– Fuel / Oil specs

WKA Fuel and Oil Specs will be adhered to .

– Setup crews for tracks (mainly VIR and NJMP)The set up crew for this year will be Clark Gaynor, Scott and JC Sanders. Looking for barrier volunteers.

– 2011 Pay structure

Key Positions:


Race Dir

Asst Race Dir

Registration 1 and 2

Head Tech


Receive $100 per diem per day with receipts and will receive $75 flat travel rate


Good of the Club:

Jerry Beasom volunteered to be the Cadet Volunteer

Corners Workers will be the SCCA Corner Workers at Summit Point. For ViR and NJ we will hire theirs.

Jamie Somers is looking for assistance at the front gate.

Novice School will be directly after the meeting.

Discussion of what to do with the club kart. Phil Reuter and Kevin have interest and will put back in service.



President, WKC