Monthly Board of Directors Meeting

January 2011

–  Meeting was called to order by Rodney Smith at 1904 hrs with 9 members present via telephone call in.

–  The All-Day meeting minutes were approved and posted to the website in a PDF file.

–  A BoD contact list will be put together prior to the next meeting.
–  The Swap Meet has been changed to 26 Feb 2011 due to the National Race at Roebling Road, Ga.  Prices for the Swap Meet will remain the same as last year.
–  Rodney has remained in contact with the Bill Scott Formula Car Series and no update at this time.
–  Rodney has made several attempts to contact the vendor for 2011 T-Shirts and has no response at this time.
–  Bylaws – Dick forwarded the proposed amendments to Greg for website posting.  Dick informed BoD that a quorum of 25% of membership or 25 members, whichever is less, is required at the Swap Meet to pass the amendments.
–  VIR and NJMSP updates – we have revised the contract with VIR and submitted with a check.  A down payment has been made to NJMSP.  Rodney has made several attempts to contact Buddy Long to give him an update.  Dick is still looking for a photographer and announcer for VIR.  Issues at NJMSP are also being worked on.
–  Drivers Handbook – Dave Steinberg stated he will take care of the handbook for the 2011 season.  The BoD are awaiting the 2011 WKA Tech Manual to revise the WKC Drivers Manual.
–  Banquet – Scott Sigafoos has attempted to contact the coordinator at NJMSP about our banquet, has left messages, awaiting a call back.
–  Novice School – Novice School is scheduled for 12 Feb 2011.  Rodney is coordinating with Bill Kasey.
–  Liability Insurance – Dick is handling getting the necessary information.
–  Insurance Pictures – Our insurance requires new pictures of the tracks we race every 3 years.  This is mainly the corners and the runoffs.  Dick will handle VIR, Rodney will handle Summit Point and Phil is going to be asked to do NJMSP.
–  Dave B. is actively promoting the swap meet.
–  The membership form should be on the website soon.
–  WKC patches have been ordered.
–  The transponder has been ordered, the old one was turned in.  This was done due to getting a better discount.  Plans were discussed to purchase a second, backup, next year.
–  Licensing and upgrades – The BoD is looking into having a committee to help the license director upgrade licenses when requested if there is a concern about approving the request.  For now if there is a questionable license request Scott will contact the person and let them know that it is being reviewed. Scott will bring the request up at the next held meeting and it will be reviewed and a decision will be made.

Motion to adjourn meeting at 2009 by Clark, 2nd by Bob.

Next meeting is 2 February at 1900 hrs.

President, Woodbridge kart Club