Minutes from Board Meeting 6 December 2008
Opening Remarks (Karen) – all databases will be web-based and not available at the track
Conflict of Interest Forms – all signed the forms
Profit and Loss (Rodney)
We will try tolimit trophy costs. Possibility for NJMP to have acrylic lightning bolts. – Action to Phil Reuter to investigate.
Determine leftover trophy status and club trailer. Action to Rodney Smith.
Need to put an entry in the Profit and Loss statement for Friday practices. Action to Rodney Smith.
Still need to do 1099s. Action to Rodney Smith.
Race Fees and Practice Fees
For all WKA events (VIR) and possibly NJMP (Thunderbolt) we are required to use WKA fee structure.
Pre-entry is $65 (vintage, cadet, briggs 20 minutes) all other classes $80. All at track race registration is +$15 which makes it $80 and $95.
Practice is $65 pre-entry and $90 at track.
WKC Solo event March 13-15
Race Fees – WKCmembers – Pre-entry $65 (vintage, cadet, briggs 20 minutes); all other classes $80; at track registration is +$15 which makes it $80 and $95. 3rd race discount is $65.
Practice is $75 pre-entry and $95 at track.
Non WKC members pay a surcharge of $15 per race and practice.
Shared events with BSFCS – All practice and race fees will be reduced by $15, but may be subject to hange based on costs.
Membership Fees – will be reduced to $45
Sponsorship Fees – Will be reduced to $450
WKC/WKA Schedule (Karen)
Number of Hotel Rooms to reserve @ VIR 0 rooms/ WKC will reserve maximum number of garage suites. Action to Karen to contact VIR and give them the information.
NJMP exhibition race in March or April. Action to Phil Reuter and Bob Lilley to coordinate with Van Gilder (WKA) and NJMP.
Novice School will be held Feb 21, 2009. Action to Bill Kassy to contact Allsports.
Banquet Committee – 1st race. Action to Rodney to rent tent and appropriate heaters as well as microphone that works. Action to Karen to contact Arthur McKenny about donating a pig.
Trophy and Awards Committee: Trophy and award committee to go research and come back with some recommendations for generic awards. Action to Rodney and Glen.
Sponsorship Committee – Action to Bill Kassy to develop 2009 form and send to Clark Gaynor, Sr.
Insurance Coordinator (at track) – Billy and Brandon.
Handbook Committee – All to review. Add as a suggested item on class identifier number panel on rear bumper. Add bumper rule per WKA TM27 359.3.4 which requires a full width bumper on all sprint enduro karts. Ensure proper wording for local classes rules.
Class Structure – Make Sprint PPCan 340 a local option class. The Board also voted to use WKA weights on Spec 1 and 2 and all shifter classes. The following changes were acepted:
Championship Status Granted
Briggs Animal 335 (was club)
100cc Controlled (was club)
Piston Port Can Medium (was club)
Club Status
Briggs Animal 385 (was champ)
Piston Port Can Sprint 380 (was champ)
100cc Pipe Medium (was club)
Classes sent to Vintage Committee for Review (Action to Vintage Committee to respond by Jan 5th)
Vintage USA 2
Vintage Euro 1
Shared Series Committee – Recommend that we add Bernie LaFrance / Toni Alexander to committee. Action to Rodney Smith to contact them.
Other items – Action to Rodney Smith to find out status of our 30 missing barriers.
BSR Sprint Series – Action to Rodney Smith to work wth Jeff Troup and work with Jens on his idea. The goal is just to be involved.
Find out if there is any temporary membership or full membership payback from WKA.Action to Karen McCollum to contact WKA.