Meeting May 23, 2009


At the Track – Club Meeting 6:00 PM


Karen McCollum presented the current financial picture:

Summit Pont March 09 – $ 6,500.00 Loss

Lightning (today) Projected Loss $ 10,000.00

Current count for weekend = 237 entries

Rodney Smith presented the current balances for the BB&T and Smith Barney Money Market Accounts.

Note: Prepayment to VIR & Thunderbolt ($10,000 ea.) have already been paid for

the 2 National events scheduled at these facilities.




The probability of making a profit at the Split Events at SPR are high due to the fact that rental / labor costs will be half of what is paid at a full weekend, even with a reduced entry fee


Reduce labor costs by starting a Pay or Volunteering program.



Suggestions were made by Sig. Jr. Brian Fischer, Bear Rothenhoefer & Beth Chryst to increase our promotional efforts by posting more to our web site; email to individual members; reminder to individual members; and drivers blogs during the course of a weekend.  Bear Rothenhoefer agreed to make announcement on EKN.


It was the agreement of those in attendance that we should: continue at SPR for the shared track events; drop the Oct Shenandoah Circuit dates; increase our entry fees


Trophies were discussed with all in agreement that they were acceptable. Several offered a collection of old trophies (wood) to be recycled.