Two-hundred Entries Makes for Successful 2024 WKC Series Opener

SUMMIT POINT, W. Va. — THANK YOU to everyone who came out for our 2024 WKC season opener this past weekend at Summit Point Motorsports Park Shenandoah Circuit Counter-Clockwise!

We had 200 race entries for the two-day Regional, which was our largest turnout for a WKC Shenandoah event in over five years!

Reviews on the counter-clockwise direction were mixed with some enjoying the new direction and it’s technicality, while others saying they preferred the traditional clockwise course.

We had one red flag in Race Group 5 Saturday involving veteran racer Mark Fell. Mark did sustain a couple injuries, and he’s home and in good spirits. We’re looking forward to seeing Mark back at the track soon!

In addition to the racing, we had a successful 2023 awards ceremony with an awesome BBQ-catered dinner. Thanks to Rodney Smith for arranging the outstanding food!

Once again, thanks to all who supported the event. It was a successful one for our club!

Race results are posted on MYLAPS at

Photos are posted on the WKC Facebook page.