We Tried But Couldn’t Make it Happen

The WKC Board of Directors and Summit Point Raceway hoped to schedule a race on the Shenandoah Circuit for the weekend of October 31 and November 1. As stewards of the club and road racing, the BoD thought we should give it a try. We knew it was a long shot, what with Covid 19 issues, Halloween weekend, and the vagaries of late Fall weather, but still believed that the attempt was worthwhile.

The BoD determined early on that WKC would probably lose some money on the race but also decided that the losses should not be substantial. With that in mind, we asked racers to register by COB Wednesday night, September 30th to help us decide whether to hold the event or not. Unfortunately, after reviewing the number of entries after the deadline, the BoD determined that the financial loss to the club would be too large for us to go forward with the race.

Therefore, the race has been cancelled and SPR has been notified of the cancellation.

For those racers who registered but now will be unable to race, on behalf of WKC the BoD gives you a heartfelt “THANK YOU.” You will be reimbursed for your registration and pit pass purchases, less credit card fees, within 1 week. The good news: Summit Point has confirmed our dates for the main track for May 22-23 and August 21-22. So put those dates on your calendar. Once we have the Shenandoah dates we will send another email and post the schedule on the WKC website.

Once again, thanks to the racers who tried to make the Shenandoah happen and thanks to all racers who helped WKC make 2020 racing season a relative success, regardless of the adversities out of our control.

On to next year.