WKC Announces 2022 Dates at Summit Point

Woodbridge Kart Club has finalized its 2022 road racing dates at Summit Point Motorsports Park. The schedule is very similar to 2021 and a Friday practice day will return to our May AKRA national weekend. Our April 15-16 season opener on the Shenandoah Circuit will shift to a Friday, Saturday event with Easter Sunday on April 17.

  • April 15-16 (Friday/Saturday): Summit Point Shenandoah Circuit
  • May 20-22 (Friday practice, Saturday/Sunday racing): Summit Point Main Circuit (AKRA National)
  • July 9-10 (Saturday/Sunday): Summit Point Shenandoah Circuit
  • August 20-21 (Saturday/Sunday): Summit Point Main Circuit (AKRA National)

Other WKC Points Races:

  • June TBD: Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course (hosted by Dart Kart Club)
  • September TBD: Pittsburgh Int’l Race Complex (hosted by Dart Kart Club)