WKC Looks to Add Late Season Finale…Needs YOUR Support to Make It Happen!

The Woodbridge Kart Club Board of Directors has listened to the membership and is ready to take action. The recent poll conducted at Summit Point Main indicated that the membership would be interested in adding a race at the end of the season, October 31-November 1 on the Shenandoah Circuit. The Board is prepared to take on this date, but your support is needed!

Preregistration will open via the RaceDay app and through mail-in form on Monday, September 14, 2020. If you plan on supporting this event, you need to enter early. The board will make a final decision on whether to host the event based on participation numbers generated through preregistration. The board will assess the preregistration numbers on September 30th and make a decision in the best interest of the club.

It is important to note that this event will count as a points paying event towards WKC class championships with the final totals being calculated using a best 6 of 8 finals for classes in the Final 1/Final 2 format and best 3 of 4 finals for single race categories.

So, what is next? If you have any desire for one last run in 2020, get your preregistration in! If the numbers support it, we will have an event. If a decision is made to not hold the event, refunds will be issued (minus the service fee) to pre-entered competitors.

Thank you again for supporting the Woodbridge Kart Club. We put on races and we are here for you! Now only you can truly make this next race happen.